"Tech Credits" Program

Donate Tech, Earn Rewards!*

Don't let your old tech end up in the landfill! With LevelUp Computers & Technology's innovative Tech Credits program, you can do your part in reducing e-waste AND receive a discount off services!

Here's how it works!

Step 1: Find old tech.

Maybe it's in your junk drawer. Maybe it's in a box in your attic. If you have old computers, iPods, or other electronics, now's the time to find it!

Step 2: Contact us for handoff.

Once you find your old tech, contact us through phone, text, email, or Messenger to schedule drop-off or pick-up. 

Step 3: Earn rewards.

Once we receive your donation, we will give you Tech Credits based on the value and condition of the device. Those Tech Credits can be used to earn discounts on future service charges when you have your tech serviced by LevelUp Computers & Technology.

By donating old technology to LevelUp, you can do your part in helping the environment and get rewarded for doing so!

*Not all old tech is eligible for donation. Please contact LevelUp Computers & Technology for more information. Donated tech may be reused or repurposed by LevelUp, donated to other people or charities, or sold online. Tech that is unable to be salvaged and repurposed will be disposed of properly. Special handling requests for donated equipment (ex: wiping hard drives) may affect the amount of Tech Credits earned by the customer.