Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any travel fees if you come to my house?

If you live within the 21784 ZIP code, there are no additional distance/travel fees. If you live outside the 21784 ZIP code, additional travel fees may be assessed based on distance in order to cover the cost of fuel. Additional fees will be clearly and concisely laid out for you before you schedule an appointment.

Can you repair or upgrade vintage computers?

If we can acquire the parts to repair your vintage computer, we should be able to perform basic repairs such as RAM, display, or processor replacements. As of 2022, we do not offer services that require soldering, including, but not limited to, battery repacking and capacitor replacements.

Do you offer gift certificates or discounts online?

While we do not offer gift cards or gift certificates at this time, we do offer discounts/deals. You can find any current offers on our Facebook page ( or on Deven's Deals (

Do you offer IT services for businesses?

Unfortunately, we are not capable of providing IT services for businesses or business enterprises.