Computer & Electronic Services

On-Site / Drop-Off / Mail-In Services

Hourly Services

Hardware Service

Software Support²

New Computer Setup³

$85 for the First Hour + $60 for Each Additional Hour¹

Flat Rate Services (Not included in hourly rates)

Mobile Battery Replacement

Phone not holding a charge like it used to? LevelUp can fix that! We use only high-quality replacement batteries that last as long as the originals did.

$45 + Cost of Battery

CPU Repaste

Computer running too hot? Fans running too loud?Have us repaste your CPU with high-quality thermal paste!

$15 for Desktop & Laptop Computers

$50 for Game Consoles

Desktop / Laptop / Game Console Deep Clean

Keeping your device clean is an essential part of ensuring that it stays cool and performs its best. We use a high-powered blower and electronic-safe brushes to dust the interior, glass-friendly screen cleaner on the display, and disinfectant wipes on those extra dirty areas on the outside.


Drop-Off / Mail-In (Off-Site) Only Services

Data Backup / Transfer / Destruction

$85 for drives 1TB or less (+$25 per additional TB)

Custom PC Build

$150 Build Fee⁶ + Cost of Components

(Free 40 Minute Consultation via Zoom)

Specialty Electronic Services

What do we fix?

Every device we service gets a complimentary basic exterior cleaning (light dusting around exterior and in ports, wipe down screen).

Comprehensive deep cleaning is offered for an additional charge (see above).

We accept Cash, Card, PayPal (Friends & Family ONLY), and Venmo. Sorry, but no personal checks.

* Pricing is subject to change. Price does not include the cost of parts or components required for service. Parts purchased specifically for a customer's job by LevelUp Computers & Technology are the property of the customer. Once parts are purchased, they are non-refundable, as they are purchased from a third party and we are bound to their terms of sale.¹ $85 First-Hour charge is non refundable. Charges for additional hours are assessed in 15-minute increments rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.² Software Support includes Remote Support Services. Remote Support Services are not available on all devices.³ New Computer Setup includes unboxing, connecting peripherals, walkthrough of initial setup process, network connection setup, installation of preferred web browser, first-time updates, and removal of bloatware. Internet connection not provided by LevelUp Computers & Technology.⁴ Battery Replacement available on a case-by-case basis depending on availability of battery and difficulty of opening device. On some Apple devices, replacement batteries may trigger a warning that the new battery is not genuine and that a battery health report can't be generated. That is normal behavior on those devices. You must provide your own backup drive with your computer. Alternatively, you can ask our technician to purchase an appropriate drive for an extra fee.⁶ $150 Build Fee covers a "Basic" PC build. Basic PC build is defined as having one or more of the following:
  • Air-cooled or AIO (Closed-Loop) liquid cooling
  • RGB controlled solely by headers on motherboard
Additional fees will be assessed for PC builds that use soft-tube "open-loop" liquid cooling or RGB systems that need to be hooked up to an additional RGB controller "hub". LevelUp Computers & Technology does not build PCs with hard-tube liquid cooling systems.